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The European Researchers' Night is back!

The European Researchers' Night is back!

The European Researchers' Night is a science communication project funded by the (you guessed it), European Commission. The Proaction Lab is once again participating in this event and this year we have some news.

First, the event will be focused on online activities, for obvious reasons. And secondly, this year we invited the Psychological Neuroscience Lab (University of Minho) to join us on this day. Because of the pandemic, instead of the last Friday of September, the event will take place on November 27 and we will have many online activities, both live and not. Here's our programme for that day:

- Fit my function - a brain puzzle is an online game where children we learn the different brain regions and its associated body functions while having fun. Designed by Stephanie Kristensen

- How to leave a neuroscientist speechless: the questions of children, is a live online activity where researchers will answer the unusual questions children have about the brain, previously submitted to us. They won't know the questions beforehand and this will be a great opportunity to see how they will perform. This activity will have 3 sessions:

- at 15h00 with Jorge Almeida and Adriana Sampaio (PNL);

- at 16h00 with Art Pilacinski, Zohar Tal and Jon Walbrin, in English, and

- at 17h00 with  Lénia Amaral and Giuliana Giorjiani.

- How much science can a neuroscientist hold, is a friendly neuroscience trivia battle between Proaction Lab and the Psychological Neuroscience Lab aimed at presenting different neuroscience fields, most of them different than the researchers' field of study. The questions will provide an extensive context and will allow the audience to obtain new knowledge while watching the neuroscientists will probably struggle to remember that specific class they did not attend. For the Proaction Lab team, we called André Peres, Daniela Valério and Francisco Santos. They will face Marlene Nogueira, Sónia Sousa and Joana Antunes from PNL at 18h00.

Be sure to stay tuned at our Facebook page, where the event will be broadcasted, and our Facebook event too. We are still gathering questions from children, that can be submitted here.