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The Proaction Lab - Perception and Recognition of Objects and Actions Laboratory - is a laboratory of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Coimbra working on cutting-edge research within Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology.

The laboratory started in 2013 with our Director Jorge Almeida and about three researchers, and grew gradually to what it is today.

Currently, we have around 20 people working in the Proaction Lab, including six Post-doctoral Researchers, four PhD students, eight Research Assistants, several Master students, and two science communicators and science managers.

The Proaction Lab focuses on Cognitive Neuroscience approaches to unravel the processes associated with the perception and recognition of objects and actions, as well as how knowledge and information are stored and organized in the brain. We strive to promote a motivating international environment and high quality training for our researchers.

Our mission is to devote decisively to the understanding of high-level cognition, and our vision is to be a competitive laboratory at the global scale and an international reference in Psychology and the Cognitive Neurosciences. We hope to do this by gathering international talent and resources and contributing to the scientific excellence.