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European Researchers' Night 2022

European Researchers' Night 2022

Does our knowledge of the World go beyond vision? Discover the science that exists in the recognition of what surrounds us and put your brain to the test!

Have you noticed how much information we know about the world around us? It only takes a few milliseconds to recognize an object (eg a glass) and access information about it. But what happens when we can't use sight? Will we be able to recognize what surrounds us just using the senses of hearing and touch? For example, would you know that a glass is a glass... if you couldn't see it?

Our activity consists of showing participants how quickly they can recognize any object and then see if they can do it blindfolded using only touch or sound. After the activity, it will be explained, with the help of graphics supports, how the brain processes information from what surrounds us and what are the similarities in the processing of this information between visual and blind people.

Join us in the European Researchers' Night that will take place at Coimbra Downtown on the 30 September, from 5pm to midnight.

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