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Mapping The Mind
powered by the European Research Council

Welcome to the PROACTION Laboratory

by Jorge Almeida

We are part of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Coimbra, Portugal. Our research is generously funded by the European Research Council, by the Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal, by COMPETE 2020, and by Portugal 2020.

Currently we have 3 main areas of research:

Object Recognition and the representation and organization of object knowledge

We are interested on how conceptual information is functionally organized in the brain, on what dictates mapping of information in the brain, and on the neural mechanisms at play in high-level cognition. This line of research is powered by the ERC starting grant “ContentMAP”, and two FCT research projects: PTDC/MHC-PCN/0522/2014 and PTDC/MHC-PCN/6805/2014.

Connectivity constraints on neural processing, representation, and organization

We are interested on how (functional and structural) connectivity shapes neural processing, and specifically how local neural representation and organization is (partly) specified by information integration with remote nodes of functionally-specified neural networks. This line of research is powered by the ERC starting grant “ContentMAP”, and an FCT research project PTDC/PSI-GER/30745/2017.

Neuroplasticity in special populations (deafness; aging)

We have been developing a series of neuroimaging and behavioral studies with congenitally deaf individuals to study the processes of crossmodal plasticity. We have also focused on how neuromodulation helps compensatory strategies in healthy aging. This line of research is powered by an FCT research project PTDC/PSI-GER/30757/2017.

Our laboratory uses a multimethod approach to address these research questions. We have been using fMRI (SIEMENS Trio Tim 3T MRI Scanner), neuromodulation (tDCS with neuronavigation), and visual psychophysics (fast presentation monitors and custom made fast PIO button boxes), along with state of the art data analysis (Machine learning, MVPA, RSA, etc.).

If you are interested in these projects and/or working with us,
please visit our Projects' section and send us an email.