Communication Team

Science Communication Team

The Proaction Lab recognizes the importance of getting our scientists closer to society, thus the creation of a group responsible for helping the Lab with this mission.

The Science Communication team of the Proaction Lab is focused on the dissemination of scientific knowledge generated by the researchers of the Lab as well as contributing to an improved public understanding of science. We also aim to demonstrate how our researchers work, what they do on a regular day at the lab, what techniques they use and, with that, promote the image of the neuroscientist. Among the general public, we hope to engage with children and teenagers fomenting their interest in a research career in scientific research.

In order to accomplish these goals, we engage with society through different platforms. Some of our tasks include:

  • Sharing our findings with local and national media
  • Interacting with society through digital channels such as our website and social media profiles
  • Producing multimedia content
  • Promoting researchers visits to local schools and school visits to our facilities
  • Participating in outreach projects and events such as the European Researchers’ Night and the Brain Awareness Week.

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