The Proaction Lab is open!

The Proaction Lab is open!

Under the commemorations of the Science and Technology week of 2019, the Proaction Lab is opening its doors to the community on November 27th. This initiative aims to attract the general population of the city of Coimbra, promoting the interaction between the University and society.

Upon registration, citizens can schedule a visit to the Proaction Lab's facilities in Colégio de Jesus, where they can learn more about the work being developed here. It is also possible to get to know some of the techniques and tools our researchers use and what they are trying to accomplish right now.

Besides familiarizing themselves with neuroscience research, the lab aims to demonstrate the importance of its work on future neuroscience findings. Our scientists are eager to welcome anyone who wants to talk to us and celebrate science together. 

Registrations are available through e-mail or telephone: | +351 239 247 456.

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